Signs of a Good Commission Advance Company

Working in the real estate business has many perks. One of the biggest headaches can be having to wait on your commission for a sale well after you helped seal a deal. You can save your financial strain by considering cash advance real estate. Here are things to look for in a reputable commission advance company.

Fees Are Clear

The person helping you through your commission advance application shouldn’t turn to you after you’ve signed on the dotted line to say, “But wait, there’s more.” And by more, they mean more stipulations, more hidden fees, and more money out of your pocket. A commission advance company shouldn’t charge you more than a discount fee.


The application for a commission advance should be nice and simple. It’s now standard for commission advance companies to have an application available to you directly on their website.

Credit Checks Are Out

If you choose a commission advance company that doesn’t require a credit check to get approval, you will instead receive your money based on contract of sale and the amount of your pending commission.

Fast Approval

Getting approval with a real estate commission service should be incredibly fast. Bank loans can take weeks to go through. Advanced real estate services should take a maximum of 24 hours to give you approval.

Multiple Deals

If you’re doing your job and doing it well, then you’re going to have times when more than one commission notice is waiting to be turned into cash in your pocket. A reputable express agency for real estate will accept more than one deal at a time from you so that you can get more money in your bank account.

Getting a commission advance for real estate doesn’t need to be intimidating. Use these helpful tips to help steer you towards a reputable company that you can trust, and you’ll get the relief of receiving your real estate commission money when you need it.

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