Three Myths about Commission Advances

If you’ve been waiting for a sale to officially close, chances are that you’ve thought about whether or not commission advances were the right move for you and your business. With all of the information out there, it can be difficult to separate myth from fact and make the most informed decision to keep your business moving forward. Here are a few pieces of advice that you can safely toss aside.

Commission Advances Are a Worst-Case Scenario

Actually, commission advances are fairly common. Commission advances are not bailouts or appropriate when you’re unsure about a deal. They’re meant for sales all the work has been done correctly you are waiting for the transaction to go through. If you’ve done everything you need to do, you shouldn’t have to wait around to invest in your business while your competitors are moving further ahead?

The truth is that if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. Every day that you go without that money in your account is a day that you could have put money into making your team better.  This is why commission advances are a common practice and a viable strategy.

An overdraft might have had its time, but when compared with a commission advance, it doesn’t measure up.  A commission advance is the way to go!

Commission Advances Are Too Expensive

Actually, when you work with someone who understands the reality of the business, it might surprise you. Commission advances can have a very reasonable price. By doing your research and asking around, you can get the best rate the market has to offer. If you take your time, you can discover just how helpful a commission advance can be.

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