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Different Types of Commissions for Realtors

Many advance companies in California get asked about how realtors are compensated. This can be a complicated question to answer as there are a few different kinds of commissions. If you have been wondering this same thing, then this article will outline some of the most common forms of realtor compensation we use. Each commission advance company in California will encounter these same payment processes.

Exclusive Right to Sell Commissions

Realtors love having their clients sign these contracts. Basically this means that even if another agent is actually the one to close the deal that finally sells the house, the original agent reserves the right to take their contracted share of the sale price. The most common percentage we see in the real estate world is 3%.

Exclusive Agency Commissions

When you sign up with an agency rather than a specific agent, then you will get the help of many people at the agency. How the agents get paid in these scenarios will differ for each company. Some will pool the commissions with all who helped, and others will assign one person who will get the lion’s share of the money. Each sale, however, will give part of its whole to the agency owners and/or managers. This is like paying dues for working under the umbrella of a successful company. Signing this kind of contract means you will pay them if the house sells before a specific time frame. Usually that time frame is 6 months. This is by far the most common listing practice.

Open Listing Commissions

This listing type will give you the most freedom as the seller, but will also solicit less loyalty from the agent. This means that you will get the help of an agent, but whoever is the one to bring about the sale will be the one to get the commission from the sale. Agents working under this listing type will be aggressive, and will also have other projects going on due to the possibility of losing the sale to others.

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Commission Advance

Why Get A Commission Advance?

No matter how much you make, chances are you have developed a lifestyle that somewhat matches your income. Having to wait a long time for the money you’ve already earned is an unnecessary hassle that can put a strain on your pocketbook. At Express Cash Flow, we manage your commission advance in California based on what you need and your normal work output. Why should you get a commission advance?

The paperwork of a real estate transaction can be a strenuous process. Waiting for your commission can be difficult when you know that your work is done. Trying to grow a real estate business is hard enough without having to wait for the money you’ve already earned. You’ve got bills to pay off, an office to supply, and you’re probably already working on the next deal. Your business can’t afford to be put on hold. An advance can keep the cash flowing, as it’s being earned. Taking advantage of this advance service means you can always be working on the next deal and earning the next commission check.

So, don’t add to your stress level. Don’t put on the brakes every time a commission takes too long to get there. Your business deserves to keep pumping away, and you deserve to have a business that is working as hard as you.