Linkedin Marketing

Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Optimizing Tricks

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn has over 500 million members; it’s a great way to connect and research companies. Optimizing your profile is key to increase traffic. Implementing these tips will help you boost your search rankings on both LinkedIn and Google.

  1. Use Anchor Text in Links

    Every LinkedIn profile “Contact and Personal Info” section can list up to three links. Include: Company Website, phone number, physical address, Twitter profile and email. You may get a lot of emails so either opt out of notifications or use one just for LinkedIn.

  2. Finish Your Profile

    This one is almost a no-brainer, but far too many of us haven’t taken the time to fully flesh out our LinkedIn profiles. Complete every single section. Upload a professional-looking profile photo, ask for and give recommendations, fill out and polish your job descriptions, and include samples or links to your work. Use LinkedIn’s help and the “Profile Strength” tool to guide your profile to completion.

  3. Keyword-Optimize Your Job Titles

    We’re definitely not recommending you describe your last position as “Management” when it was more of an administrative role, but tweaking your job titles to include a few keywords can be really beneficial. Instead of “Blog Manager,” bait search engines by changing it to “Inbound Marketing Strategy Blog Manager.”

  4. Maximize Your Group Membership

    Joining and participating in relevant groups won’t just expand your network; it can improve your profile’s SEO performance, too. Since the group names appear on your profile, search engines have no choice but to crawl the titles and share who you are and what you do. Joining your industry groups can be beneficial as well.

  5. Aggressively Expand Your Network

    Connect with past co-workers, acquaintances, prospects and employees at other companies.

  6. Optimize Your Job Descriptions

    Instead of writing out full paragraphs detailing your duties, use bullet-pointed lists that incorporate a variety of relevant keywords. Formatting your descriptions with bullet points also makes your profile more readable. Eliminate the ones that are 15+ years old if you have multiple jobs.

  7. Claim Your Vanity URL

    The fundamental SEO benefits of claiming your vanity URL may be minimal, but doing so is just good business. Connecting your LinkedIn profile to your name will allow you to be found more easily by real-life connections. A clean, custom URL is also much more attractive on business cards.

  8. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Elsewhere

    Include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature, your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts, and any other websites you maintain to create inbound links.

  9. Be Vigilant About Building Recommendations

    Recommendations may have more benefits than just making you look likable to potential employers. Everyone links good feedback that’s visible to others.

  10. Keep Collecting Endorsements

    Skill endorsements are a great way to recognize your connections’ strengths and have your connections validate your own skills and strengths as well. Endorsements increase the strength of your profile and help keep you connected to your network. While these may not carry as much weight as other elements of your profile, endorsements help add to the overall value of your professional profile.


    Check out an optimized profile that has completed the above items. – Managing Partner at Express Cash Flow