Commission Advance Frequently Asked Questions

We help you grow your business to provide working capital and financing when your commissions are delayed.


Q:  What is a commission advance?  A commission advance is when part of the commission due a real estate agent or broker is paid prior to the escrow closing.

Q:  What is a Listing Advance? Listing Advance ranges from $2,500 to $3,000. Price is dependent on both how many listings the agent has, as well as how much the advance is in comparison to the sales price. A Listing Advance is expected to be open for 30-45 days. Once escrow is opened we can structure two additional commission advances.

  • 1st The initial Listing Advance (when escrow is not open)
  • 2nd Possibly an additional commission advance at the opening of escrow once the EMD has been confirmed received by escrow.
  • 3rd Possibly an additional commission advance happens once contingencies are cleared.

A new agreement is drawn up between all parties at the opening of escrow reflecting the listing advance and both commission advances.

Q:  What happens if the transaction doesn’t close?  We know not every transaction goes smoothly. If you have other open escrows (or will soon), the advanced amount can be transferred to whichever of those open escrows you’d like, so long as the advanced amount (plus our fee) is less than the commission you are due on the new escrow.  You can also pay us back out of pocket, if you prefer.  Transactions sometimes fall through so we are committed to helping you throughout the entire process.

Q:  How much does it cost? Fees vary so please call 844-818-2274.  We are the lowest in the industry.

Q:  Do I need good credit?  Nope.  We do not check your credit. Verification and review of all publicly available information.

Q:  What type of real estate deals do you advance commissions on?  Typically Single Family Residential properties, but we are able to accommodate most property types.  Give us a call if you are unsure- (844) 818-2274

Q:  At what stage of the real estate transaction can I advance my commission?  Ideally, we would want all contingencies to be removed, however we understand you sometimes need an advance before that takes place.  That’s OK too, we’ll just need to know when your contingencies are due to be removed.

Q:  How quickly can my advance get processed?  Very fast!!  Once you complete the application and provide us with the documentation our underwriting is very fast.  We research you as an agent, review the property, confirm with escrow then wire your funds immediately into your account.  You can use the funds the same day. If it’s a new escrow the earnest money deposit (EMD) does need to be confirmed by escrow before we fund the commission advance.

Q:  Will my transaction be confidential?  Your transaction will be kept confidential between your broker and escrow agent. The buyer and seller will not see the transaction, and we never sell our customers’ information.

Q:  Is there a minimum size commission that you advance?  Minimum is $2,500.

Q:  Are there any application fees, wire or hold back fees? There are no other fees besides the advance fee noted in the agreement.

Q:  Can I advance more than one deal at a time?  Yes. We have no maximums on the number of advances outstanding at any time.

Q:   Is a commission advance cost effective? YES – especially when you consider some of the alternatives such as:

  • Losing control of your business;
  • Losing out on profitable opportunities due being strapped for cash
  • Pledging your home and other personal assets;
  • Losingout on a marketing opportunity that would increase sales.

Q:   What’s my Return on Investment if I get a Commission Advance? The sky is the limit!  Just like in real estate, what you put the funds you receive from the commission advance towards will determine your ROI.

Q:  Can I repay an advance before closing?   Yes – all our advances can be paid back early without penalty!

Q:  Are your advances restricted to a closing within 60-90 days?  Nope.  We just need to know when your closing date is, and also when the contingency removal is expected.

Q:  Is there a minimum advance fee?  Minimum advance fee is $400

Q:  Was there something else?   Call us at 844-818-2274

Q: Do you have a Zelle or Venmo account?  Let us know for after hour wire cut off transfers.  We will still need a voided check or bank statement