Tiny Home

Builder Financing

Express Cash Flow provides financing for builders to build tiny homes

We finance the builder material construction progress at the factory or the lot, not the land or the final purchase by the owner.

The finance on a per-home basis, not a blanket line of credit.

What are Tiny Homes
Photo of the interior of a tiny home

Tiny homes are residential units - typically under 400 square feet - that share similar traits with RVs and mobile homes.

Tiny home on wheel, autumn time, yellow leaves

Designed to be mobile, or can be converted for a stationary setting, provided there are the necessary utility hookups.

Photo of the interior of a tiny home, minimal design
photo of the interior of tiny home, shot from the top of the stair
photo of tiny home with patio, outside sitting place, autumn leaves on the ground

Many tiny home owners choose to rent out their Tiny Home, providing an extra source of income with less of the upkeep and maintenance required on traditional rental units.

Photo of the interior of a tiny home

Highly customizable, and many of the manufacturers we work with are happy to install custom parts, furnishings, and even entire room spaces to fit your needs and budget.

Photo of the interior of tiny home, stairs on the right, couch in the middle, sink and kitchen on the left

A typical loan for a tiny home on wheels is a consumer loan secured by a title lien with the State's DMV. It is not considered a mortgage or real estate loan.

Photo of interior of the tiny home

Interest rates will vary depending on a variety of factors including an applicant's credit history and income. Initial rates can range anywhere between 6.0% and 10.0%.

Lenders for buyers of Tiny Homes
Why A Tiny Home
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