#1 Best Tool For Real Estate Agents

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Best Effective tool for Real Estate Agent Lead Targeting Benutech, a lead generation company based in Costa Mesa, CA has developed the #1 best tool for real estate agents to grow their business. Benutech hones in on life events that cause people to sell their homes like: Divorces, Notice of Defaults, Probates, Tax Defaults, FSBO’s, Estate Sales, Empty Nesters, Bankruptcy, …

Should Realtors Get a Commission Advance?

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The Commission Advance Conundrum Like many businesses, a typical real estate brokerage may have a line of credit available when a cash crunch occurs.  The brokerage can meet its recurring administrative payroll, pay office expense, and maintain regular budgets for recruiting and advertising.  When transactions are slow, similar to a commission advance, the line of credit kicks in to offset …

Realtor Tips – Buy vs Lease Vehicles

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Realtor: Buy vs Lease A typical realtor makes well informed decisions when it comes to the vehicle they are going to drive. In today’s economy, if car dealerships had it their way, everyone would be leasing their vehicles. For starters, the shorter term life cycles of leases guarantee more transactions will happen, keeping dealer volume high.  When a customer returns …

LinkedIn Profile Tips for Realtors

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Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile In today’s age of social media being the go to for verification of business acumen, it is crucial to have an optimized LinkedIn profile.  Here are some tips on how to do just that: 1. Have your best and clearest profile picture and complete your entire profile, 2. Address what you do in your Headline not …

Realtor Financing – Commission Advances

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Real estate is just like any business: it requires capital. The solution:  Realtor financing. Capital is needed for expenses such as business cards, advertising, office equipment, and transportation, just to name a few examples. Since capital, or cash, only flows into the coffers of a realtor upon completion of a sale, financing these kinds of expenses can be challenging. If …

Signs of a Good Commission Advance Company

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Working in the real estate business has many perks. One of the biggest headaches can be having to wait on your commission for a sale well after you helped seal a deal. You can save your financial strain by considering cash advance real estate. Here are things to look for in a reputable commission advance company.

Three Myths about Commission Advances

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If you’ve been waiting for a sale to officially close, chances are that you’ve thought about whether or not commission advances were the right move for you and your business. With all of the information out there, it can be difficult to separate myth from fact and make the most informed decision to keep your business moving forward. Here are …

When to Lock a Mortgage Rate

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Real estate agents are often asked to advise homebuyers on financial matters especially on mortgage rates and when to lock them in. These can be difficult conversations, because things like whether to lock or float an interest rate can be guess work. A mortgage rate lock simply guarantees a specific interest rate if a loan closes by a particular date. …

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Top 7 Realtor Marketing Tips

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Any business is dependent on marketing in order to grow, and real estate is no different.  In order to maximize the return on your marketing, you want to make sure that you are reaching the right audiences as efficiently as possible.   Below are some tips to help you optimize your marketing and reach your real estate goals faster.   …