Should Realtors Get a Commission Advance?

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The Commission Advance Conundrum Like many businesses, a typical real estate brokerage may have a line of credit available when a cash crunch occurs.  The brokerage can meet its recurring administrative payroll, pay office expense, and maintain regular budgets for recruiting and advertising.  When transactions are slow, similar to a commission advance, the line of credit kicks in to offset …

Realtor Tips – Buy vs Lease Vehicles

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Realtor: Buy vs Lease A typical realtor makes well informed decisions when it comes to the vehicle they are going to drive. In today’s economy, if car dealerships had it their way, everyone would be leasing their vehicles. For starters, the shorter term life cycles of leases guarantee more transactions will happen, keeping dealer volume high.  When a customer returns …

Top Real Estate Agent IRS Audit Triggers

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Real Estate Agent IRS Audit Triggers As the calendar year ends, every real estate agent will look back at how the year went financially.   Your income (or profit) is almost always in an inverse relationship with your tax obligations.  As a real estate agent, you will want to take as many steps as possible to avoid an audit.  With …

Signs of a Good Commission Advance Company

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Working in the real estate business has many perks. One of the biggest headaches can be having to wait on your commission for a sale well after you helped seal a deal. You can save your financial strain by considering cash advance real estate. Here are things to look for in a reputable commission advance company.

Three Myths about Commission Advances

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If you’ve been waiting for a sale to officially close, chances are that you’ve thought about whether or not commission advances were the right move for you and your business. With all of the information out there, it can be difficult to separate myth from fact and make the most informed decision to keep your business moving forward. Here are …

When to Lock a Mortgage Rate

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Real estate agents are often asked to advise homebuyers on financial matters especially on mortgage rates and when to lock them in. These can be difficult conversations, because things like whether to lock or float an interest rate can be guess work. A mortgage rate lock simply guarantees a specific interest rate if a loan closes by a particular date. …

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Should You Get A Second Appraisal?

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Another Appraisal? It’s a nightmare scenario. After brokering an excellent deal and receiving an offer right at or slightly above purchase price, the home sellers, buyers, and agents are simply waiting for the final details to fall into place, when the unthinkable occurs: an appraisal below purchase price. Nothing can kill a real estate deal faster than an appraisal falling …

Top Expenses of Real Estate Agents

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Owning your own business comes with a roller coaster of highs and lows, both emotionally and financially. Real estate brokers and agents are not immune to these, and the costs of running a real estate business can add up quickly, especially considering how long transactions take (and they are only taking longer). Here is a partial list of the cash …