Home Seller Factors

Working as a home seller can be a frustrating experience, given how long it can take for a sale to close before finally being able to take the commission you’ve earned for your work. But by preparing yourself for several different possibilities, you can lessen the frustration by being aware of what issues might pop up over the course of getting to the sale. Here are a few Home Seller Factors that might come up in the process.

Reluctant Buyers

One reason that commission advances are popular is because they protect sellers in the case of a buyer who isn’t completely convinced that the house he or she is considering is the right move for them. It’s easy to see why they might be reluctant, even on a perfect house. Given the cost of both time and money to purchase a house, a buyer has to believe that he or she is definitely making the right decision, and even the smallest bit of doubt is enough to spook a buyer from making the purchase. When making a sale, it’s important to keep the buyer confident in the purchase.

Sticker Shock

When you’re dealing with first-time buyers, you might find them shocked at just how much they’re going to end up paying when all is said and done. This is something that is difficult to overcome, as buyers usually have a ballpark figure at the start of the process and require something impressive to get them to come off that figure. In this situation, it’s best to focus on the best parts of a house and get the buyer to fall in love with the home you’re trying to sell. Buying a house is often an emotional decision that causes the buyer to picture him- or herself and his or her family spending many years there. However, many buyers will be willing to extend their budget to fulfill a dream.

Several other issues can pop up over the course of closing on a home, many relating to the emotions and the financial realities of the buyer. When you encounter these types of situations, commission advances can help eliminate that worry from your mind and allow you to focus on helping the buyer navigate through his or her concerns, getting them to the home of their dreams and getting you to the commission you deserve.

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