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How can I get an advance on unearned sales commission?

A common question is how I can get an advance on unearned sales commission. The answer is “YES” if you have a transaction under contract or a few active listings. But the timing of the closing could be an issue if it’s longer than 60 days out. Independent brokers can also get a commission advance or listing advance. There are no credit checks.

Once your transaction is under contract, you’ll need to go to and fill out our application, which should only take a few minutes. The application includes the 1) purchase agreement, 2) escrows contact information, 3) MLS production history, 4) driver’s license, 5) voided check and 6) if you’re an agent your brokers contact information.

Your advance on unearned sales commission takes a short amount of time to process and receive the funds, usually 1 to 4 hours depending on how complete the commission advance application is and how fast you and your broker sign the agreement.  The commission advance agreement is then sent to escrow to confirm the transaction and acknowledge that they will repay Express Cash Flow based on the commission advance agreement.

Unearned Sales Commission Summary:

  • Express Cash Flow can fund up to 75% of your commissions under contract
  • There are no credit checks
  • Fees are lower the short the closing time is
  • Example: Commission Advances of $5,000 the fee is $400 closing within 30 days.
  • Listing Advances require multiple listing agreements to be approved and are more expensive.

You have done everything you needed to do as a real estate agent or broker, why should you have to wait around to invest in your business while your competitors are moving further ahead? Receiving a commission advance is done more often than you might think, and escrow companies process the payouts without any issues at closing.

The truth is that if you’re standing still, you’re being left behind. Every day that you go without getting paid is a day that you could have invested that money into making your team better, which is why commission advances are a common practice and a viable strategy. Once you get your commission advance, you can put that money back into your business.

Commission Advances Are Not Too Expensive

When you work with someone who understands the reality of the business and knows what it takes to succeed, commission advances can be very reasonably priced. It’s what you do with the commission advance that’s the issues, optimally reinvesting in your business is the best strategy.  Most agents do deduct the commission advance fee on their taxes as a cost of doing business but please consult your CPA.

Please visit to learn more about receiving a commission advance on unearned sales commission.

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