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Are commission advance fees tax deductible?

Are commission fees tax deductible? The answer is yes if your commission advance proceeds are used for your business expenses, the costs are tax deductible.

Commission Advance Fee Tax Deductibility

Because commission advances are used for business purposes, they are considered a tax-deductible business expense. The commission advance fees are similar to interest costs on a loan. Agents and brokers should include an itemized summary with their tax return detailing all advance fees paid to any commission advance service provider they used in the year.

As an independent contractor, owner of an LLC or Corporation, the fees you pay to secure a commission advance are a fully deductible business expense. It’s a true cost of doing business. For sole proprietors, this means recording the fees as a business expense on Schedule C of your tax return.

Business Expenses

Further benefits when receiving a commission advance is the fact that business expenses paid for with your advance proceeds are also tax deductible. For example, say you use a portion of your commission advance to pay for office rent. That rent payment is a tax-deductible expense, even though you used your commission advance to make the payment. The same holds true for any other legitimate business expense, such as purchasing marketing materials, car related expenses and meals.

Personal versus Business

As with any sole proprietorship, it’s important to keep your business expenses separate from your personal expenses for tax purposes. For example, client lunches can be tax deductible whereas paying for a kid birthday present is not.  

See www.irs.gov/publications/p535 with the title Publication 535, Business Expenses.

Tax issues are complex and could change over time. As such, it’s advisable to always consult a tax professional prior to filing your taxes.

Get to the Application Page to receive a commission advance on unearned sales commission today. 

What Is A Commission Advance?

Key Takeaways:

  • Commission advance is getting the commission before closing
  • Commission advance is not a loan
  • It is commonly used to bridge the gap between closings
  • The price of commission advance varies wildly depending on how companies’ policy

1. Commission Advance definition:

By definition, a commission advance is a financial service whereby you sell a portion of a pending commission for a fee. In exchange, funds are advanced to you before closing. It’s not a loan. It’s simply access to the commission you’ve earned without the wait! Get your commission whenever you want.

2. Win-Win Pricing:

The fine print may vary, but the essence of each is the same. The first step is getting a property under contracts. Once you’ve done that, congrats, you are now potentially eligible for an advance. So let’s consider how the pricing works.

The one-size-fits-all model: 

Each company has different policy. Many have opted for a simple fixed pricing structure to avoid headaches. The telltale sign is a pricing slider on their website. This has both pros and cons. At first glance, while it seems to provide an easy estimate of how much a commission advance will cost, this one-size-fits-all pricing model leaves no room for negotiation. In fact, top producers can easily enjoy a much lower rates if their productions history is taken into the account. What if a realtor is just having a rough quarter and cannot fit in the pricing model? He/she will be denied immediately.

The Custom Pricing Model: 

Every transaction is different, so why have a one-size-fits-all? Custom pricing model use a risk-based pricing plan to review each commission advance request. That means the production history, details of the transaction, and closing dates, as well as other verifications are taken into consideration to create a tailored solution for that one advance. The question is: why do a lot of work just for a simple advance? It’s simple: once you look deeper into the case, the underwriter can see the agent as a real estate professional, not just a number in a spreadsheet. By adding the human factor to the mix, this model can approve more cases and also lower the rates significantly for top producers. It’s simple, the lower the risk, the better the rates.

Express Cash Flow is one fine example of custom pricing model. Once an application is submitted, ECF proprietary AI Modeling analyzes over 200 attributes to create a custom risk profile for your unique situation. Then, an underwriter will thoroughly assess the case to create a custom pricing model tailored to your needs. Some of the primary attributes to look at are:

  • Your production history
  • Details of the transaction
  • Expected closing date
  • Verification & review of all publicly available information

The result is up to 30% reduction in advance fee and a faster processing time since everything is automate in the beginning and the underwriter only need to review the information at the end.


3. Get your money faster!

If you are approved, you’ll be presented with an offer of an advance on your commission. You will receive the commission advance agreement via DocuSign that you and your broker will sign (or by you, if you are your own broker). You will be funded within hours via wire and not ACH. A good commission advance company will be able to fund you the same day. You should expect simple paper work, no credit checks, and most importantly, no massive stack of loan documents to sign. At Express Cash Flow, the entire process from Application to Funding can take place within 4 hours. There are no partial holdbacks like some other companies.


4. Paying back the advance:

Technically, when you get funded, everything is taken care for you. The advance is automatically paid back when the escrow or settlement company closes. The amount is equal to the advance plus the fee. That means you never pay anything out of pocket. You get the much-needed liquidity to grow your business and thrive.


5. What if escrow falls out?

It is nothing to worry about. While doing market research for commission advance, we found out most companies are smart enough to give the advance to those who are likely to close the deal. After all, advance companies want to make money and avoid any foreseeable risk. At Express Cash Flow, after more than $3 billion property worth of advance, we have a 99.5% closing rate of all advances. Our AI underwriting model optimize the process and reduces the risk of deals falling through. Even if the deal falls, you can simply switch your advance to another escrow for a minimal fee (no hefty penalties or immediate payback requirements).

6. How much of my commission can I advance?

You can advance up to 75% of your *net* commission. Your net commission is determined by calculating the total gross commission, and then removing the portion due your broker, plus any office, TC, franchise or referral fees, i.e. the money that would be going into your pocket. So if you have a $500K transaction with a 2.5% commission and are on an 80/20 split, your gross commission would be $500K*2.5% or $12,500. Your net commission would be $12,500*80% or $10,000, and we would be able to advance 75% of that ($7,500). You can take less than this if you’d like, but $7,500 would be the maximum advance amount


 7. Is there a minimum advance amount and a minimum fee?

Yes. Statutory guidelines dictate that the minimum advance amount is $2,500, so you’ll need to be earning a net commission of at least $3,000 in order to qualify for an advance. The minimum fee, which usually applies on advances of up to $5,000 for less than 30 days, is $400. Please note that this for every outgoing wire, so if you want $5,000 for 25 days or $2,500 for 2 days, the fee will still be $400. Proper planning can help you get the most efficiency out of our fee structure.


Summary of Benefits of Using Express Cash Flow:

  • Get to 75% of your commission on the same day
  • No credit checks
  • No out of pocket charge
  • No hold-backs, no hidden fee
  • Agent friendly pricing
  • Personalized service

We know you don’t all need a commission advance, but we could all use a little extra cash every now and then, and we hope you think of Express Cash Flow whenever the need arises.

Apply for commission advance today.


zillow tips and trick

Top Zillow Profile Optimizing Tricks


A Zillow profile is the cornerstone for lead generation which helps convert prospects to contracts.  Placing your profile in the right location is key…marketing costs differ by zip code.  While 75% of a real estate agent’s business comes referrals and word of mouth, you still need a solid Zillow profile.

1.      Start with a Professional Photo that Matches all your Other On-Line Profiles

Start with the photo. Use a high-quality head shot. Avoid logos, yard signs and team pictures. A clear, individual headshot seems to work best.

2.      Introduction and About Us

Add your experience, specialties and skills.  This should include your geographic area of focus, and any particular specialty you have, like short sales, REOs, probate or buyer representation.  Also include your team and their profiles.

3.      Add Your Listings and Past Sales

This is usually done automatically but you can manually add your listings if you have recently switched to a different MLS.  You’ll want to highlight all of your best transactions, even if they didn’t occur on the MLS.  

4.      Professional Information

Have a complete and updated profile of your office address, cell phone, brokerage name, social media websites and our real estate license information.   Add a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Website and for the Blog us Instagram.  Make sure the links work after you have completed your profile.

5.      Update your other social media profiles for consistency

Have the same profile picture, brokerage and links that work.

6.      Include an intro video

Prospective buyers and sellers want to get to know you in a 30-60 second video.  Who are you and what are you going go to do for them.  Why are you better than other agents?  Also market this video on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

7.      Ratings and Reviews – Get 5 Stars

This is huge!  You’ll want to ask past clients to review your skills for Local Knowledge, Process Expertise, Responsiveness, and Negation Skills along with adding some commentary.  Respond to every review — positive, negative or neutral. You’ll look professional and focused on customer service (stay positive!) fora complete Zillow Profile.

8.      Add other Members of your team to your profile.

If you have a team add their full profile to yours, and make sure to add the properties they sell to your page to boost your portfolio even further.

9.      Become a Zillow Premier Agent

The Zillow Premier Agent program is designed with the simple purpose of bringing agents more buyers, more sellers, and more business. Each service tier is loaded with innovative and powerful features aimed to generate more traffic to your brand and your listings — helping you sell homes faster.  To help finance your marketing check out www.ExpressCashFlow.com.

10. Other Real Estate Marketing Ideas



Build a complete Zillow profile and be sure to revisit it every few months (set a quarterly reminder on your calendar, or you will forget!) and update as necessary.  When you get a lead be very responsive…within 5-10 minutes otherwise the prospect might move on.


This post is brought to you by Express Cash Flow – Helping you grow your real estate business by providing you with cash today.

Express Cash Flow, Commission Advance



#1 Best Tool For Real Estate Agents

Best Effective tool for Real Estate Agent Lead Targeting

Benutech, a lead generation company based in Costa Mesa, CA has developed the #1 best tool for real estate agents to grow their business. Benutech hones in on life events that cause people to sell their homes like: Divorces, Notice of Defaults, Probates, Tax Defaults, FSBO’s, Estate Sales, Empty Nesters, Bankruptcy, Affidavit of Death etc.  With Benutech’s ReboMatic product, you are 5 times more likely at acquiring listings than with typical farming.  ReboMatic is the best tool for Real Estate Agents.

In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive real estate market, you need to stand out and you the best tools out there. You still need to be aggressive with marketing, but you need to be smart about how you are marketing as well. One way to make your marketing more efficient is to target only the homes that are most likely to sell and not waste time on the others. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t!

The automation of acquiring listings is a good enough reason to use their products on its own.  However, the price makes it a no-brainer.  Benutech has a variety of ReboMatic products that range from $600-1,000 per month. However, with ReboMatic, the agent will automate their marketing campaign, generating far more business.

Superior Product

While any title rep can pull a farm, there is something to be said for using the automation of the ReboMatic platform instead. While there are other data aggregators that attempt to predict sales, no other company has the combination of data, tools, and marketing efficiency than ReboMatic. What’s more, if you don’t want to come out of pocket to pay for their services, you are able to finance them through current and future transactions.

Flexible Financing- ReboExpress

Unlike other subscriptions that must be paid monthly or quarterly, ReboGateway understands the cyclical nature of the real estate business. You can finance ReboGateway through ReboExpress, a new financing option offered by Express Cash Flow. This allows you to manage your cash flow and budgeting much more effectively, and is one of the many benefits of ReboGateway.

Express Cash Flow, Commission Advances

Should Realtors Get a Commission Advance?

Express Cash Flow, Commission AdvancesThe Commission Advance Conundrum

Like many businesses, a typical real estate brokerage may have a line of credit available when a cash crunch occurs.  The brokerage can meet its recurring administrative payroll, pay office expense, and maintain regular budgets for recruiting and advertising.  When transactions are slow, similar to a commission advance, the line of credit kicks in to offset expenses.

This arrangement is necessary for the brokerage business and businesses of all kinds to be successful. It is not hard to understand why it is also necessary for realtors as well.   Realtors also have teams that require regular payment, regardless of the agent’s production. Most have listings that require advertisement and promotion.  Since most agents are running their own business, they are also responsible for all of their own expenses, and that can get expensive.

The problem is, realtors who sell 24 houses a year do not typically sell two houses each month. Rather, there is a spike in production in April-September, and a sprinkling of transactions in all other months. During the slow months, agents have little alternative but to ask for an advance. If they go to their broker for this, tension can mount.

A Solution!

Realtors stuck in this situation often don’t know what way to turn, but just like in any business, there is a solution.  A commission advance company like Express Cash Flow can provide an external solution to this problem.  When a realtor goes to a third party company for a commission advance, what can be an informal arrangement becomes formalized.  An amount is given as an advance, for a specific period of time, and there is a fee for doing so.

There is also a clearly laid out extension fee schedule, leaving no room for ambiguity.  The best reason for using a third party commission advance company is that it removes the tension between agent and broker if a deal falls apart.

Yes!  Get A Commission Advance!

More realtors than one would think utilize commission advance services.  Some of the top producers whom are very well known and have massive marketing budgets use commission advances.  If you have aspirations of success, a commission advance should not stop you.

Top Ten Realtor Facebook Tips

Top Ten Facebook Tips and TricksThe Best Facebook Tips for a Realtor to Connect:

  1. As a realtor, your Facebook profile picture should stand out!  One of our best realtor Facebook tips is to have a professional headshot. Include all contact info including your phone number and email address.
  2. Let the world know you are their “Go to Realtor” in your introduction section.
  3. Join local community groups to connect with your customers, partners and prospects.
  4. Make sure your friends and co-workers know to “Like” and “Share” your post to reach more prospects. (Text them to “Like” it)
  5. Publish articles to show your knowledge of the industry.
  6. Contribute and comment to blogs and posts that industry leaders make.
  7. People love pictures and video! Get as many pictures of your listings and closings as possible on Facebook.  Do a video of you at your listing.
  8. Ask a title rep for all the homeowners in your farm and ask them to connect to your Facebook business page. This will take time but well worth it.
  9. Search leaders in your community and connect with them to share locally relevant info.
  10. Don’t forget that Facebook should be used for a balance of business and personal posts… too many of either will turn off your followers. Also watch your frequency, maybe 1 posts a day.  The best time to post is mid-day to get the most “Likes”.
About Us:
AgentBranch.com is a real estate recruiting platform for real estate agents and brokers.
ExpressCashFlow.com provides commission advances for real estate agents and brokers.

LinkedIn Profile Tips for Realtors


Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile

In today’s age of social media being the go to for verification of business acumen, it is crucial to have an optimized LinkedIn profile.  Here are some tips on how to do just that:

1. Have your best and clearest profile picture and complete your entire profile,
2. Address what you do in your Headline not just your title,
3. Join Groups to connect with your customers, partners and prospects,
4. Tell your friends, co-workers, etc to “Like” and “Share” your post,
5. Publish articles to show your knowledge of the industry,
6. Contribute and comment to blogs,
7. Automatically connect with your contacts: sync your email accounts with LinkedIn,
8. Ask a title rep for all the homeowners in your farm and connect with them on LinkedIn,
9. Search senior job titles in your city and connect by writing them a note,
10. Lastly, and to supercharge your connects…connect with people that have a high number of shared connections by searching your “2nd degree connections”. They will usually accept your invitation more easily than ones that you don’t have share connections with. This will exponentially grow your network!

About Us:
AgentBranch.com is a real estate recruiting platform for real estate agents and brokers.
ExpressCashFlow.com provides commission advances for real estate agents and brokers.

Commission Advance Cost?

700x400_1 - Green Background

How much does a commission advance cost?


This is usually the first and most important question to real estate brokers and agents who inquire about commission advances. This is a very reasonable question, but not a simple one.

While other companies have flat fee or fixed pricing based on the amount requested for an advance, Express Cash Flow don’t operate that way. This is almost always to the benefit of the agent requesting the advance.  A one-size fits all approach doesn’t take into account the different variables of a real estate transaction.  It also doesn’t factor in experienced agents and inexperienced agents. If no two transactions and no two agents are exactly alike, then it makes sense that those transactions have different risks. If they have different risks, then it would only make sense that those different risks resulted in different pricing. So, what are the different risks, and how do they affect the commission advance cost?

Transaction Risk
No matter how solid a real estate deal seems, there is always the chance that it could fall apart. Sometimes a buyer is unable to qualify for financing, or has a cash emergency. While this is rare and unfortunate, it does happen. There are a number of hurdles to each transaction, and any of them can be its undoing. As such, an advance requested early in the lifespan of the transaction will always be more expensive.

Agent Risk
While there will always be risks associated with a transaction, we also measure your production history as a real estate agent or broker and the risk associated with a replacement transaction should your transaction fall apart. The more history of closed transactions you have, the lower our risk, and the lower your pricing will be.

Delay Risk
It is also entirely possible that there will be delays.  Because of this, we have to have protection from these delays since close of escrow date determines pricing. So, the only fees you will ever see besides our initial quoted fee is if your property does not close escrow on time. Note, however, that the close of escrow date we agree on does not have to be the same as the close of escrow date on the purchase agreement. In order to avoid these fees, you can project a close of escrow date after the scheduled close of escrow, which is a savvy, cost saving move.

There is only one right answer to our most frequent question “How much does a Commission Advance Cost?” That is, we don’t know yet, but would be happy to look at your scenario individually.  If you’re able to provide us all of the details, we should be able to give you a ballpark price.  The good news is, unlike some of our competitors, we give you the full amount you ask for and are paid back only at close of escrow, so our interests are aligned with yours throughout the transaction.

About Us:
Express Cash Flow provides commission advances for real estate agents and brokers. Check us out at www.ExpressCashFlow.com or call us at 844-818-2274.

Female Realtor Standing Outside Residential Property

Cash Before Close- Commission Advances

Female Realtor Standing Outside Residential Property

Cash Before Close

Phil Guertin launched a creative financial business with one element in mind: help real estate agents and brokers get commission advances within minutes to meet critical cash flow issues.

By Rick Weinberg, California Business Journal

If you’re a real estate agent or broker, cash flow is critical for such vital matters as meeting payroll, buying leads, or completing consistent marketing initiatives to keep up with the competition.

Yet with a property sitting in escrow, many agents and brokers often find themselves a little short on funds at those crucial moments. With banks unable to provide loans quickly, agents and brokers can often find themselves in dire straits.

However, thanks to a creative business model designed by Phil Guertin of Irvine, Calif., agents and brokers can get advances of up to $100,000 through Express Cash Flow (“ECF”) in a day—not weeks or months like at a bank, without even a credit check.

Recently, a Southern California agent approached the company late on Friday—15 minutes before the wire deadline. Within 12 minutes, the $2,000 advance was complete. It was the second transaction in less than two weeks that the agent requested. The first was for $5,000.

“There were a lot of moving parts that had to come together between the agent calling and funding the advance so rapidly,” Guertin says. “That’s one of the many major advantages of working with us.”

The company is self-funded and has significant capital behind it to fund commission advances. The company also quickly underwrites each deal since no two transactions are the same.

“It’s a much more streamlined process than any bank can offer,” says Jake Kucheck, Director of ECF. “Banks normally take 30-45 day to review a file, let alone fund the transaction.”

Express Cash Flow has grown exponentially over a six-month period in 2015-2016, advancing to agents and brokers from some of the largest franchises in the U.S., including, Berkshire, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, First Team, John L. Scott, Keller Williams, and many others.

ECF has experienced a 40% growth rate month over month and expect that rate to continue through the end of 2016, Guertin says.  The company has proven marketing strategies that are scalable nationwide.  In just a brief period of time, it has emerged as the top-ranked business in its space in California.

“High repeat business with top franchises and top producers along with great customer service has fueled the growth,” Kucheck says.

Approximately 50% of the business is generated from top real estate grounds and the remaining from independent brokers and agents.

Express Cash Flow features two primary products:

  1. Listing advances of up to $3,000
  2. Commission advances of up to $100,000 (advancing up to 75% of the net commission due)

Both with without a credit check and eligible for same-day funding.

The range of properties Express Cash Flow handles runs the gamut from the low end on a $87,000 property in Texas to the high end on a $15.7 million estate in Laguna Beach.

How do competitors compare?

  1. Express Cash Flow is usually a third less than the largest competitor
  2. Advances up to $100,000 per transaction while most competitors max out at $15,000
  3. The company provides creative custom solutions

Guertin has been in finance and real estate for his entire professional career spanning 20 years.  Previous experience includes:

  • Chief Financial Officer of the Miller’s Outpost family
  • Restructuring of various portfolio companies for private equity firms
  • Whole loan trader at New Century Mortgage trading bulk pools of loans to regional banks and Wall Street firms
  • Other experience in factoring, business intelligence analytics, the family office space and capital markets helped

He researched various business models in real estate and finance and came up with Express Cash Flow, then he decided he wanted to go off on his own and start his own firm.

“I knew this would be a big business because you’re working with real estate and sales people—and real estate is huge in California and Orange County,” he says. “This model had every metric I was looking for in a business—it’s high yielding, it’s short term and scalable on a national level. Advancing $5,000 or more can be risky, but the possibility of a real estate deal closing is 90% depending on when you advance. I saw it as a huge possibility and a great opportunity.”

He built out a complex pricing model to take into account multiple data points for each transaction to price various risk factors.

There are similar business models to ECF, “but we’re more aggressive on our lending limits going up to $100,000 per transaction and we structure the advances in creative ways,” Guertin says. “We underwrite the transaction differently. We look at how active the agents are, how strong the transaction is, and how far out the close of escrow is, which determines the advance pricing. Typically, we save our clients 30 percent or more compared to other companies.”

Says Kucheck: “We saw an opportunity to improve on the existing model by adding a risk-based pricing component. The existing models were more of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We wanted to give our clients more options.”

No two real estate transactions are alike. Because they’re different, ECF immediately sees what’s different about it and that will translate that into particular grades of risk to determine the cost for advancing funds.

“We review each deal and come up with a precise calculation of how likely it is to close, using our proprietary pricing matrix,” Guertin says. “What we want an agent or broker to do is take a portion of the commissions now and grow their business, buy leads and do their marketing so that it converts into two other leads or open escrows. Yes, you’re getting $5,000 from us, but we want you to get $25,000 or $50,000 from that reinvestment. If you look at that, the cost is very minimal.”

Without appropriate funds for marketing initiatives, for example, an agent cannot be as effective as their competition, which happens to be chasing down the same buyers and sellers.

“We don’t want agents to delay their growth and we want them to stay ‘top of mind,’” Guertin says. “Most agents are waiting for their commissions and then they’re reinvesting it. This way, they get to do it faster.”

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Express Cash Flow

Phil Guertin, Managing Partner

19800 MacArthur Blvd Suite 650

Irvine, CA 92612

Phone: 844-818-2274

Business Plan for Real Estsate

The best real estate professionals understand what it takes to grow their business and stay one step ahead of their competition. 3 out of 5 top real estate agents utilize commission advances to support the growth of their business, as they realize the need for capital is real and it is an important component of a successful business. In addition, here are 5 other useful tips to help grow a successful business.

Develop a Business Plan for Real Estate

When starting any new business, it’s important to create a business plan. Your business plan should include information about your business structure, budget, and other things. Having it approved by a business attorney can also be helpful to ensure that you don’t forget anything and you are in compliance with all regulations.

Use Technology

Clients are using technology to find the businesses that they want to hire, so you need to use technology to find your clients. There are mobile applications, CRM systems for emailing, cloud storage, and many other technologies that you can use to boost your business.

Focus on Marketing

Marketing is important to gain more clients. You need to figure out the best method to reach your target market and make sure you allocate a sufficient budget to marketing each month.

Thank Your Clients

If you help your clients seal the deal on buying or selling their property or your clients refer someone to you, take the time to thank them. Write a handwritten thank-you note or drop off a meaningful gift to let them know that you appreciate their business.

Continue to Learn and focus on your Business Plan for Real Estate

After starting your business plan for real estate, don’t stop learning. You need to stay ahead of your competition by learning everything that you can about your field. Complete certifications, attend conferences, seek a mentor in your field, and find other educational opportunities.

When you’re just starting out, you can use these tips to help grow your business. And when you need realtor commission to help grow your business, stay one step ahead of the competition and use the advances to support the growth of your business.

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