The Millennial Realtor

Now more than ever, millennial’s have become disillusioned with the rigidity of the most desirable professions of generations past, most notably, law and medicine. Whether this is because of the mountain of student debt required, or the competition, or the lack of quality jobs in these fields, what is certainly the case is that millennial’s are now flocking to professions that allow their time to be more flexible…the Millennial Realtor.

One of those professions is, you guessed, it, real estate. They see big dollars and have an innate familiarity with social media, so it seems like a natural fit.
What’s more, they are probably the right hires for the job. According to, the average homebuyer is 33 years old while the average realtor is 57 years old. This disconnect, combined with the ever increasing usage of technology in the home buying process, means that there will be plenty of successful millennial realtors. So, you might as well recruit them to come work for you. But how do you go about doing that, exactly?

  1. Meet them the old fashioned way. This may sound counter-intuitive, but going the extra mile to meet potential new recruits in person will help you make a great impression, and also give you a better feel for the person that you may eventually ask to come work for you. But how do you go about finding people to meet in person? The best referrals for new agents, just like the best referrals for new clients, often come from within your own warm network. This is a great place to start.
  2. Embrace technology and social media. Millennials are already well adapted and familiar with these, so it is best for your brokerage to “go where the crowds are”. Having a social media platform that millennials can relate to and enjoy interacting with will help you grow your brand more quickly than any other form of getting the word out, and you will be rewarded with energetic and technologically savvy agents. If you want to truly take your web savviness to the next level, you can even build a presence at an online recruiting platform where millennial Realtors can compare and contrast the benefits for different brokerages.
  3. Create a truly great place for them to work. Whether this is by creating a luxurious office aesthetic or providing terrific intra-camaraderie, getting your new agents to enjoy the workplace will be one of the most important and valuable tasks you have as a broker. Their happiness will be clear in the stories they tell their friends, family, and the all-important social media, about how work is going. Ensuring that these stories are always positive ones will not only help you retain these agents, but help you grow your brand as well.
    With all of these tools in your pocket, you’ll be the talk of the town among the next generation of real estate agents!

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