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Home Staging Financing

Express Cash Flow Home Staging Financing is a dynamic, white glove service to sell your client's home faster and for a higher price. ECF service directly pays for staging services, eliminating the burden of the upfront costs to stage your listing.

Our "pay-at-closing" service makes Home Staging Services accessible to all of your clients with no hidden fees, complicated contractor draws or interest charges. One more time just for emphasis, you don't have to spend a penny until your home sale is complete!

Professionally Staged

The entire process is designed for speed, so that work can begin — and your listing can sell — as quickly as possible.

No Cash Upfront

No upfront costs, no hidden fees, no interest. We will tackle any necessary work; you only pay for the selected improvements once the home sells.

Peace of mind, Hours of Time

Your Concierge will take care of every detail, saving you hours and hassles, so you can focus on what's next.

Increased Commissions

A higher price and the ability to sell homes faster means higher commissions in a shorter amount of time, and without any upfront costs, it's a win-win-win.

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Zero-Upfront Investment Staging

Market research shows that by professionally staging your home it will sell 80% faster for 20% more, but finding the liquidity and knowledgeable professionals to get the most bang for your buck can be a challenge.

That's why ECF Staging Financing comes in so handy. We provide you with the liquidity and the right professionals to ensure your listing is professionally stage so that it can be sold as quickly as possible at the highest possible price.

Designing Spaces That Sell

Based on our experience selling thousands of homes, we will visually maximizing your listing's potential to sell it faster and at the best price.

Project Started With No Upfront Costs

The contractor that ECF Concierge Service has contracted with will bid the project based of their experience of the minimal amount of work needed to obtain the maximum return on investment and quickest close.

Enjoy Increased Commissions

Once the transformation is completed, the value of the home increases along side with your commission amount.

Get A Deal-Maker Staging

At Zero Upfront Cost

*U.S. Housing and Urban Development

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