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Concierge Services

Get Up to $20,000 in Home Improvements

Express Cash Flow Concierge Service is a dynamic, white glove service way to sell your client's home faster and for a higher price. Our concierge service directly pays for services like staging, flooring, painting, landscape enhancements, appliance upgrades, roof repair, and much more.

Our "pay-at-closing" service makes pre-listing home improvements accessible to all of your clients with no hidden fees, complicated contractor draws or interest charges. One more time just for emphasis, you don't have to spend a penny until your home sale is complete!

Fix First, Pay Later, Fast.

The entire process is designed for speed, so that work can begin — and your listing can sell — as quickly as possible.

No Cash Upfront

No upfront costs, no hidden fees, no interest. We will tackle any necessary work; you only pay for the selected improvements once the home sells.

Peace of mind, Hours of Time

Your Concierge will take care of every detail, saving you hours and hassles, so you can focus on what's next.

Increased Commissions

A higher price and the ability to sell homes faster means higher commissions in a shorter amount of time, and without any upfront costs, it's a win-win-win.

No Limit on List Price

Other companies cap at $3 million listing price, we have no limit.

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How does ECF Concierge Services help?

Most homes need some updates and/or repairs before going on the market, but finding the liquidity and knowledgeable professionals to get the most bang for your buck can be a challenge.

That's why ECF Concierge Services comes in so handy. We provide you with the liquidity and the right professionals to ensure we make the best possible renovations so that homes can be sold as quickly as possible at the highest possible price.

Planning Market Driven Improvements

Based on our experience selling thousands of homes, we will recommend the highest impact updates to increase your home’s value the most and set an estimated budget for the work.

Scope of Project and Size

The contractor that ECF Concierge Service has contracted with will bid the project based of their experience of the minimal amount of work needed to obtain the maximum return on investment and quickest close.

Enjoy Increased Commissions

Once the transformation is completed, the value of the home increases along side with your commission amount.

With Concierge Services you can:

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It's recommended that you keep the renovations
Simple, Quick and Clean

  • - Contractors and Agents should provide a menu of services that are have the highest return on investment with the shortest duration. Keep it clean, simple and quick.
  • - Avoid tasks that require permits or lots a lot of demolition
  • - Stay focused on paint, carpeting, landscape enhancements and highly desirable items with the best value
  • - Every home needs a little love before it goes on the market, let us determine if and what types of renovations are right for your house.
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Covered Services

Professional investors have maximized home sales values thanks to their expertise, network of contractors, and most importantly, access to immediate cash. ECF Concierge Services empowers homeowners & agents to leverage those professional tools so you can sell faster at a higher price.


– Fill out request for bid on-line with address and notes

– GC to provide bid to all parties involve (this bid includes ECF’s fee to facilitate and pay for the work). If there are outside contractors bids, W-9, banking info and insurance info sent to ECF Concierge

– Agree on the scope of work, design and Home Improvement Agreement

  1. Sign listing agreement with listing agent (This may already be signed)
  2. Sign Concierge Services Agreement (Between ECF and seller)
  3. Sign Home Improvement Agreement (Between GC and seller)

– Once everything is signed and all parties agree to a start date work can commence

 – Generally cosmetic improvements to an average house takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish

 – Staging, pictures and active on the MLS

Let's Work Together!

Get Up to $20,000 in Home Improvements

  • Projects to be completed within 2 weeks
  • Ready to be listed after completion
  • Ready to be staged once home improvements are completed

Your questions, answered

For over $20,000 renovations contact www.revive.realestate

What happens if the house doesn’t sell?

Every home will eventually sell, and on average, ECF homes sell 50% quicker than the national average. In the unlikely event that the home stays listed and unsold for more than a year from our project start, the homeowners can either pay ECF for the amount due or pay a monthly admin fee to extend the payment deadline.

Are there any fees or interest charges?

Nope! ECF gets paid by the home sellers solely for the work we complete, at the price agreed upon before the project kicks off, with no additional charges or hidden fees.

What types of projects can I use ECF for?

If the home is being sold and is represented by a real estate agent, ECF along with the Contractor will tackle any work necessary to get the home sold faster and for more, with no minimums or maximums tied to our pay-at-closing model.

Our pay-at-closing financial model makes pre-listing home improvements accessible to all of your clients with no hidden fees, project minimums/maximums, and no interest charges.

How does this program affect agent commissions?

The Concierge Program is a separate contract between the Seller and Express Cash Flow. Agent commission is not implicated by this contract.

Can any agent use ECF Concierge Services

Yes! All agents can use ECF. Our services are not limited to one company or brokerage. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, any agent can use ECF to their advantage.

Are there any home improvement services not covered by the program?

ECF Concierge Services’ goal is to help as many clients as possible. The program is extremely flexible and can be used with most vendors for your convenience. 

When do I have to pay for the services?

ECF will submit the Agreement signed by the Agent to Escrow for repayment upon closing. 

Are there any scope limitations to use ECF?

There’s no limit on list price and there’s no minimum or maximum tied to our pay-at-closing model. We run analysis to ensure a sound business case that yield profits

No Interest, No Cash Upfront, Is there any catch?

No catch at all. It’s a win-win situation. The entire process is designed to be fast, efficient; therefore, the home can hit market faster, and sell for higher price in a shorter amount of time. 

Express Cash Flow Concierge Services is a pre-listing home improvement service that helps agents pay for home renovations on a listing prior to selling the home. ECF’s contractors performs home improvement work prior to the sale of the home and is paid from the proceeds of the home sale at settlement.

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