Increase your changes to connect to your customers, partners and prospects.

  1. Have your best and clearest profile picture and complete your entire profile,
  2. Address what you do in your Headline not just your title,
  3. Join Groups to connect with your customers, partners and prospects,
  4. Tell your friends, co-workers, etc to “Like” and “Share” your post,
  5. Publish articles to show your knowledge of the industry,
  6. Contribute and comment to blogs,
  7. Automatically connect with your contacts: sync your email accounts with LinkedIn,
  8. Ask a title rep for all the homeowners in your farm and connect with them on LinkedIn,
  9. Search senior job titles in your city and connect by writing them a note,
  10. Lastly, and to supercharge your connects…connect with people that have a high number of shared connections by searching your “2nd degree connections”. They will usually accept your invitation more easily than ones that you don’t have share connections with.  This will exponentially grow your network!

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