Should Realtors Get a Commission Advance?

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The Commission Advance Conundrum Like many businesses, a typical real estate brokerage may have a line of credit available when a cash crunch occurs.  The brokerage can meet its recurring administrative payroll, pay office expense, and maintain regular budgets for recruiting and advertising.  When transactions are slow, similar to a commission advance, the line of credit kicks in to offset …

Commission Advance

Top Commission Advance Tips

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  What Is A Commission Advance? Why should you have to wait for your commission until the closing day to get paid when you could use a commission advance instead? No Credit Checks–Look for real estate commission advance companies that don’t require a credit check. Advance companies provide you with funding based on a contract of sale and a pending …

Top Expenses of Real Estate Agents

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Owning your own business comes with a roller coaster of highs and lows, both emotionally and financially. Real estate brokers and agents are not immune to these, and the costs of running a real estate business can add up quickly, especially considering how long transactions take (and they are only taking longer). Here is a partial list of the cash …