When to Lock a Mortgage Rate

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Real estate agents are often asked to advise homebuyers on financial matters especially on mortgage rates and when to lock them in. These can be difficult conversations, because things like whether to lock or float an interest rate can be guess work. A mortgage rate lock simply guarantees a specific interest rate if a loan closes by a particular date. …

Home Seller Factors

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Working as a home seller can be a frustrating experience, given how long it can take for a sale to close before finally being able to take the commission you’ve earned for your work. But by preparing yourself for several different possibilities, you can lessen the frustration by being aware of what issues might pop up over the course of …

How to Appeal to the Millennial Homebuyer

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In a world where millennials are more likely to walk into your home in search of Pokémon than to check out your kitchen remodel, home sellers may want to take a step back and assess how appealing their home is in its current state to the next generation of homebuyers. Often ignored as a generation that prefers renting, that trend …

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Should You Get A Second Appraisal?

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Another Appraisal? It’s a nightmare scenario. After brokering an excellent deal and receiving an offer right at or slightly above purchase price, the home sellers, buyers, and agents are simply waiting for the final details to fall into place, when the unthinkable occurs: an appraisal below purchase price. Nothing can kill a real estate deal faster than an appraisal falling …

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Top 7 Realtor Marketing Tips

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Any business is dependent on marketing in order to grow, and real estate is no different.  In order to maximize the return on your marketing, you want to make sure that you are reaching the right audiences as efficiently as possible.   Below are some tips to help you optimize your marketing and reach your real estate goals faster.   …

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The Pros and Cons of FHA Loans

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FHA loans are loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration. Though they are a little different than traditional loans, they are a great option for those who don’t have the traditional 10-20% down payment available. As this is sometimes difficult to come by for first time homeowners, newlyweds, or college graduates, an FHA loan is a great option because you …

Cash Before Close- Commission Advances

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Cash Before Close Phil Guertin launched a creative financial business with one element in mind: help real estate agents and brokers get commission advances within minutes to meet critical cash flow issues. By Rick Weinberg, California Business Journal If you’re a real estate agent or broker, cash flow is critical for such vital matters as meeting payroll, buying leads, or …