How to Prevent Property Tax Pile-ups

If you have large or even out of control property taxes, there are a lot of options available to you, like looking into commission advance companies. They can help you get a little extra cash when you need it. In the meantime, here are a few of our top tips to help you keep your property taxes down in the first place.

Think Small

If you don’t want your property taxes increasing, don’t increase the value of your property or your home. That means you shouldn’t build any additions, from patios to decks or pools. Any permanent structure could increase your property taxes. Similarly, since more attractive houses get higher taxes, hold off on your home improvements until after your tax assessor comes through. You can and should make your improvements right before selling your house, however, and if you need money to make those improvements, you might want to look into getting a commission advance.

Property Tax Cards

These tools are available to homeowners at the local town hall. You can go down there and get a copy of your tax card, which includes information about your home and about your taxes. Look it over for errors. A lot of these cards do contain mistakes, so it’s worth your time to make sure you’re not paying extra money. You should also check to see what your neighbors are paying. If your taxes are significantly more than theirs, that’s another sign that you could be paying too much. Before you go take out any commission advances, do your due diligence to make sure you’re not leaking money faster than you need to.

Touring with the Assessor

You do not have to let a tax assessor into your home, but if you don’t, he’ll probably assume that you’re making home improvements and assign you the highest possible value for your home. That means it’s in your best interests to let him in, but when you do, be sure to walk around with him. That way, you can point out any flaws in your home to make sure he’s not overlooking them while checking out the good parts. There are several reputable commission advance companies that can help you get extra cash, but you can also do your part to make sure you’re only paying as much as you absolutely must.

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